Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature

Members of the Senate, 19th Commonwealth Legislature:

Francisco Borja

Francisco M. Borja


Independent, 2nd Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8807
Fax: (670) 664-8810
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Arnold Palacios

Arnold I. Palacios

Vice President

Republican, 3rd Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8803
Fax: (670) 664-8824
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Steve Mesngon

Steve K. Mesngon

Floor Leader

Republican, 1st Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8858
Fax: (670) 664-8860
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Teresita Santos

Teresita  Santos

Legislative Secretary

Republican, 1st Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8814
Fax: (670) 664-8815
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Francisco Cruz

Francisco Q. Cruz


Republican, 2nd Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8922
Fax: (670) 664-8938
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Jude Hofschneider

Jude U. Hofschneider


Republican, 2nd Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8868
Fax: (670) 664-8908
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Sixto Igisomar

Sixto K. Igisomar


Republican, 3rd Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8812
Fax: (670) 664-8813
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Paul Manglona

Paul A. Manglona


Independent, First Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8967/8
Fax: (670) 664-8919
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Justo Quitugua

Justo S. Quitugua


Independent, 3rd Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8967
Fax: (670) 664-8919
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