Teresita Santos

Teresita Santos

Legislative Secretary

Republican, 1st Senatorial District

Phone: (670) 664-8814
Fax: (670) 664-8815

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Mission Statement

Our economy is gradually building strength with the enactment of Public Law 18-36 yet it continues to be one of the greatest challenges we face. As public servants, we must take calculated steps to ensure that our economic growth does not debilitate our social well-being.  We all understand that our economy determines the future of public services and programs essential to our community and its loss will impact the lives of our families, and most especially our children.

My mission is to continue to work closely with Members of the Legislature, the Administration, the CNMI Delegate to the U.S. Congress and the leaders of our local Municipality to facilitate the proper development of this new venture that will help foster economic growth with the least potential for negative social impacts.   I am also determined to look for alternate financial resources necessary to further improve our economic condition and continue to foster a positive working relationship with private sectors to promote careers for our people.

Furthermore, I will continue to support legislation that seeks to improve our economy and take a proactive approach in actively collaborating and consulting with one another sharing valuable and resourceful inputs, so together we can unite to find solutions to abate our pressing issues such as enhancing our healthcare system; improve and further develop our infrastructures; and seek out air and water transportation services to ease the high cost of goods and fares that continue to hinder our economic growth, most especially on Rota.  I also pledge to continue to fulfill the goals that I set out during the 18th CNMI Legislature.

With this, I firmly believe that through an improved economy; the health, education, welfare and safety of our people will be significantly enhanced thereby safeguarding our future generation.  In closing, I will continue to do my very best to achieve the forgoing mission but it is ultimately GOD who decides its success. May GOD bless and protect our Commonwealth!

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